Sunday, January 4, 2009

Looking for Canadian Best Practices

I'm thinking about developing a series of Canadian public relations case studies that could be used at both the undergraduate/post-grad and masters level. But to do that, I need to write the cases with organizations that are willing to put themselves forward as 'best practices' -- you know from my writings on Maple Leaf Foods that they are a natural for the Crisis Communications case study. So who do you think are the candidates for this publication?


  1. Hi Terry...great conversation/idea for Canadian best practices.

    One to consider is the Cameron Inquiry in Newfoundland - direct impact on communications. (Inquiry into Hormone Receptor Testing).

    I've been watching it here on the east coast, and it's been a topic of discussion at our Canada East Regional meetings with IABC.

    I hope people will jump in - could be a great resource.

    -Jeff Bishop
    Chair, IABC Canada East Region &
    Communications Coordinator,
    Forest Products Association of Nova Scotia

  2. Thanks Jeff for the tip. I'm aware of the Inquiry as one of my students in the Master of Communications Management degree program (MCM)wrote a research study on the Inquiry and spoke to Sean Kelly in St. John's about the role of communications in organization's response to this crisis. Can you think of any other potential case study ideas from the Atlantic provinces?

  3. Hey the top of my head, I'd have to think Nova Scotia Power/Emergency Measures Organization during and after Hurricane Juan might be interesting.

    Atlantic Lottery Corp - they actually won a Merit Award at last year's Gold Quills in the Issues Management and Crisis Comms. division for "Retailer Wins and Lottery Integrity" that might be interesting.

    I can direct you to some folks inside both those companies if you'd like. If I think of any more, I'll drop you a note.